Flushing Dog Training Program

The first step in our flushing dog training involves a consultation with the owner and an evaluation of the dog. This results in two important findings.  To evaluate where the dog is in its training and to establish the expectations of the owner.  Are they looking for a gun dog or a dog for the spaniel field trials &/or hunt tests?  Not all dogs are capable of doing what the owner wants.  It is important for us to know what the owner wants – and it’s just as important for the owner to know if the dog is capable of achieving the desired level of flushing dog training.

Once we reach an understanding and determine if the desired results are possible, we develop a flushing dog training program tailored to that individual dog’s needs.  The most difficult part of the program is helping the owner understand what’s involved.  If the dog is not crazy about birds, then we must make it bird crazy before we can apply the rigors of more advanced training. 

Another aspect of our flushing dog training program is our ability to expose them to birds.  We can take the dog out on our training grounds to be hunted and exposed to birds on a daily basis. This gives the dog the essential exposure needed to gain confidence, to trust its nose and to take moving birds.  The end result is a superior gun dog.

The flushing dog training program is a 90 day minimum commitment.  The actual length of time will depend on the training required and how quickly the dog progresses.  Due to the advanced training required for the spaniel field trials and the spaniel hunt tests, a longer commitment should be anticipated. 


Flushing Training Program fee is $700.00 per month, including board and birds.




Owner Coaching

This option is for the dog owner who has the time but not the skills to train their own dog.  This program allows you to work one on one with our professional trainer.  Go over the lessons your dog has been taught and when all your questions have been answered you go home and practice with your dog.  You can arrange to come back for more lessons if needed.  The cost is $75.00 per private session (approx. 1 hour).

If you need more information, or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at (336) 474-0400.