Many dogs have no manners, and their owners are at a loss as to how to teach them manners.  So these owners will frequently end up yelling at or smacking their dogs.  A worse fate is that the dog is often banished to live his days in solitude or he's taken to the local humane society or pound.

Obedience training could have prevented many of these problems and can help solve the bad behaviors that exist.  Obedience training trains dogs to be obedient, to obey everything they're told to do.

Training would be simple if dogs spoke the same language that we do.  As it is, dogs have their own attitude, body language, and mindset.  They share many human traits which include the ability to be stubborn, dominant, submissive, or even fearful, all characteristics that can make them difficult to train.

Obedience Training - 30 day program

Drop off an untrained dog and pick up a trained one!  This allows us to work with your dog every day.  Depending upon the dog the program should be able to be completed in 30 days.  Some dogs may take less time and others may require a little longer.  The basic obedience training includes understanding of the commands shown below:

  • Here or Come
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Heel
  • Lay Down
  • No Jumping

This program will also include socialization of your dog around other people, as well as other dogs.  We are committed to training your dog to become a well mannered, obedient dog that is a pleasure to be with.  Your dog should also be able to be handled off-leash by the end of this training!


This program costs $750.00, which includes boarding & training.


*NOTE:  If your dog requires extra training at the end of the 30 day period the cost will be $150.00 per week.




Problem Solving & Behavior Modification Training

Often we get calls from dog owners that are having specific behavioral problems with their pets.  Most of these problems can be resolved with the proper training methods. We have been very successful with rehabilitating dogs and have prevented many dogs from being put down, dumped at a pound or being placed in a new home.  Before you make a hasty decision, please give us a call and together we will do everything we can to correct your dog’s behavior.

Problem Solving & Behavior Modification program costs are dependent upon the issues which require correction.  Price determination will be made after evaluation of the dog and the problem(s).

Owner Coaching

This option is for the dog owner who has the time but not the skills to train their own dog.  This program allows you to work one on one with our professional trainer.  Go over the lessons your dog has been taught and when all your questions have been answered you go home and practice with your dog.  You can arrange to come back for more lessons if needed.  The cost is $75.00 per private session (approx. 1 hour).

If you need more information, or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at (336) 474-0400.

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