Phillip H. Hayworth, Owner/ Trainer


Brigadoon Kennels is owned and operated by Phillip Hayworth, a trainer internationally known for his high standards and compassionate care of dogs of all types, specializing in pointing and retrieving breeds.


Phil belongs to a special group of dedicated professionals who have trained dogs that consistently win national and international championships.  Phil’s experience includes years of apprenticeship under well-known master trainers Wayne Strickland, Arthur Bean and Gary Unger.  Phil started his own kennels to continue the time-honored tradition of upland gaming.


A note from Phil…


My PHILosophy of Training:  I have developed my knowledge and expertise with dogs since first obtaining my own dog to hunt with & train at the tender age of five.  I spent years hunting with my grandfather and uncle behind exceptional gentleman's upland hunting dogs.  I learned something new with each dog we took out hunting.  I also learned to effectively read a dog by its body-language.  As a teenager I ran one of my own dogs in the first field trial (American Field) I had ever been to and having no knowledge about trials at the time, we walked away with 3rd place.  I was hooked and the rest of that year my dog and I brought home nothing but first place ribbons.  These wins secured my dog's spot as "Dog of the Year".  After many years of apprenticeship I began my own kennels in 1983.


Effective dog training requires special communication between the dog, the owner, and the trainer.  Just like every child, each dog has its own personality. One size does not fit all when it comes to training dogs, and each dog requires its own program.


Training championship gun dogs requires a clear understanding of a dog’s individual strengths and weaknesses.  Above all, training great dogs demands a commitment to bringing a dog to its fullest potential with discipline and compassion no matter what its heritage or bloodline.


We are very popular with people who own bird dogs because of our ability to train well and without harsh methods.  Our training is not based on what you can learn from videos or reading books.  We use a common sense approach with each dog.  We gear our program to the dog’s individual personality and needs.  We are not hard on dogs and we get more from them because of that fact.  We can take your dog to the highest levels of training and you will still have a happy and well adjusted hunting and home companion.


We have also 'fixed' a number of dogs that have been 'broken' by other trainers who did not take the time to treat each dog as an individual and discover what works to get the most out of that dog.  In the long run its far more cost effective to start out with a trainer with the correct knowledge, skills and abilities to bring the best out in your dog rather than choose someone closer to home or less expensive that may ruin your dog.  We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your dog's training experience with us.


My training programs are designed to build true upland game and waterfowl dogs, with programs designed for each dog and owner.  I will take the time to understand what you want or need from your hunting companion.  I train all dogs in the same type of environments in which you would actually be hunting.