Our Kennels

Where your dog will reside…


Whether your dog is here for boarding, a quick tune up or for training spanning several months, your dog’s welfare is an important consideration.  At Brigadoon Kennels, you can be confident that your dog will receive the highest quality care, appropriate nutrition and extensive exercise opportunities as well as the friendly companionship of other healthy dogs.  Our unique accommodations feature clean and spacious kennels with heated sleep quarters and ergonomically designed dog beds which are elevated off the floor for warmth and comfort.  Each sleeping area opens onto a generously sized run that allows for the comfortable recreation of even the largest dogs.


The Environment

The kennels at Brigadoon were carefully designed to provide a stable, healthy and comfortable environment for all the dogs we train and board.  Much planning and research went into the development of our buildings. We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our kennels, and are regularly complimented for their appearance.


The Kennels

Our unique accommodations include large, clean kennels with climate controlled sleep quarters, and specially made dog beds that provide warmth and comfort.  Each sleeping area opens onto a big run that allows even the largest of dogs to get adequate exercise.


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Inside Kennel Building 
Kennel Box Lids open 
Interior view of Sleeping Quarters 
Linda and Fibbs 
front of kennels 
front of kennels 
Front of first kennel