Welcome to Netkennel.com

Thank you for considering NetKennel to give your kennel a unique identity on the web. NetKennel is a state of the art Internet Service Application designed by kennel owners specifically for kennels. The NetKennel system is quick and easy to use and will give you a professional looking site in a very short time (Under 30 minutes in some cases!). All the skills required to create a powerful, dynamic presence on the web have been programmed into the system, all you need to do is click on your pictures, and type in your kennel's information. The arduous tasks of formatting pages, resizing images and thumbnails, creating pedigrees, and event calendars is handled behind the scenes instantly by the NetKennel system.

How does it work? There are several tools currently available to you --through your standard web browser-- in the application. Photo Albums, Pedigree Generator, Event Calendar, and Themes.
  • PhotoAlbum:
    • Photo albums allow you to group your kennel pictures into logical albums.
    • Photo albums can be related to Dog's, Events, Menu Items, or even attached to the Menu, and custom pages.
    • You can have an unlimited number of Photo Albums, and each Album can contain an unlimited number of photos.
    • When you create an album, or a photo, NetKennel.com automatically resamples it to provide the fastest possible download to your customer's browser, and generates a thumbnail to help speed downloads when a list of images is displayed. (Many web services charge as much at $12 per picture to do this, at NetKennel.com, it's all part of the package).
  • Pedigree Generator:
    • The NetKennel pedigree system is state of the art and will dynamically generate a pedigree capable of displaying your dogs ancestors as far back as you are able to find.
    • To create a pedigree, all you need to do is type the Name, Birthdate, and any other information, Select a Stud, and Matron from a list of dogs in your kennel, optionally select a photo album about the dog, and click a button. The system automatically generates all the information for the dogs pedigree.
    • The system creates a drillable pedigree showing 3 generations. What this means is that when a user clicks on the parent, or grandparent of a dog, they "drill" into that dog's pedigree, and the pedigree is continued as far back as you choose to enter data.
    • As new dogs are born, you can quickly add them to your dog list, and your pedigrees will grow along with your kennel.
  • Events Calendar:
    • The Events Calendars allow you to create event lists for your kennel.
    • You first create a Calendar, with a title, and some descriptive text. Some calendars might be: Upcoming Litters, Upcoming Hunts, Recent Competitions, anything you want!
    • Next, you can add events to the calendar. An event is just that, it can be an upcoming litter of puppies, a dog show, or a hunting competition. Even a big sale!
    • You give the event a Date, such as "01/23/03", "End of June", "June 4th, 5th, and 6th"
    • Then you tell the system when you want the event displayed. ie: "06/01/02" til "07/01/02" The event will appear on your site, on the first of June, and stay until the first of July!
    • For even more impact, you can attach an album to an event, when a user sees the event, he can click the album and view pictures related to the event.
  • Themes:
    • A theme allows you to change the colors, backgrounds, borders, and layout of your site instantly.
    • Designers at NetKennel have created a number of themes that are available to anyone.
    • If you would like a completely custom theme, you can create it yourself using CSS, or send a request with a description of the theme, and our designers will do what they can to accommodate it free of charge (if it can be used as a public theme) or for a small hourly rate if you would like it private to your site.
  • GuestBooks:
    • A guest book gives you a way to interact with visitors to your site.
    • Creating a guestbook is as easy as clicking on a link!
    • The map option lets your visitors post virtual "pins" to indicate their location, and let's you know where people are from!
The number of pages you are able to have is limited only by your imagination. You can choose to use the tools described above, or if you are more familiar with HTML coding you can create custom pages by simply pasting your code into the Custom Content section. Either way you will end up with a professional kennel web site that will look like a million bucks but won't cost near that much! We look forward to helping you create a web site that will serve your kennel for a long time. Shall we begin?

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